Sunday, February 1, 2015

 photo d7b239b5-6dea-49bd-9aee-a6449aeb97ab.jpg  photo 678470dc-a535-4ce7-a81d-a19f00fb3c2e.jpg  photo 590c767e-81dc-4547-aa03-5c4d0cb71256.jpg  photo 340bda16-2b84-4176-8bee-52a2b59a4eb5.jpg  photo f5090567-3495-4d7e-ab89-aec5ce6cf942.jpg  photo 8a3af7a1-9852-4a6a-9f27-3cec6f3e4bb9.jpg  photo bb349c92-2dd4-43b4-bb2c-8801d6d7e12a.jpg  photo 5ff4f46c-1338-4a3b-b87f-6f8bd4595175.jpg  photo b2da4a3f-f995-43cd-b660-cbc6c6cc772f.jpg  photo 2c28cfbc-606b-4f59-be24-77fd1f4a0e5b.jpg  photo ec575036-a892-47af-915d-b6bc151ec9de.jpg  photo 12a3194c-a984-4212-94c9-5ccf14631c02.jpg

Here are some photos of our weekend in the Coromandel.
We stayed at a bach that was by the ocean, with
no wi-fi. It's so nice to have a slow weekend with lots of down
time just to read, sit by the sea, and go for walks.

My favorite spot was "The Blowhole", a beautiful cave
accessible by a short hike through the bush. There were gorgeous
views of the ocean on the walk up.
I'm pretty excited we get to do this all again next weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 photo cba8c408-ee6a-49d0-80ac-8ea342f9e374.jpg  photo 16cb1aa1-4ec0-409e-adff-fba25a0175c8.jpg  photo 0dfba565-a713-40e7-898e-8bb3a78fe3db.jpg  photo 31fe6fe2-4003-4d7f-a8f2-c563d1dfe6fb.jpg

Matt and I had a weekend to ourselves.
Seth went on a trip to Lake Taupo with Matt's parents.
We took advantage of our free time by taking a hike to a waterfall
out west. Then, we headed to the beach to climb Lion Rock. The views
from the top are just unreal.

Summer in New Zealand is kind of made for adventuring outside.
We are headed to the Coromandel this weekend.
We'll be staying in a bach with Matt's family, right by the water.
Yay for weekends by the sea!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

G O O D . O N E

We had a date day today & stopped by our favorite cafe in Ponsonby.
I think every day should start with flat whites and a Little & Friday donut.

Then, we checked out a resale shop called Junk & Disorderly.
It's filled with all sorts of found treasures that I want in my own house. 

I picked up a few slides to put on my lightbox :)
Slides will always remind me of my Grandpa. Whenever we stayed with my grandparents in Kansas, we would sleep in their spare room/photograph storage room. My brother, sister, and I would stay up so late looking at slides on his lightbox. We'd always ask the stories behind the photos the next day. There were tons of my Dad & his siblings as kids on their trip to Yosemite.
I think I'll always feel drawn to people's discarded slides.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I N D I A N A . W A N T S . M E .

"you are in my blood. I can't help it. we can't be anywhere except together."
-FLB, weetzie bat

26th birthday spent antiquing and picture taking.
spotting coyotes at the tree line and keeping a close eye on them
and their pups, making sure we keep our distance.

walking home to watch the pack from our back deck.
listening to them howl at the passing train.
these are the Indiana moments I love so much.