Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Life lately has been pretty slow-moving.
I can't complain. I get to stay home
with Seth while my husband works from home.
He's usually done by 11am, which leaves the
whole day for us to hang out as a family.

It's pretty special getting to have so 
much quality time, and we definitely
don't take it for granted.
We went to the park this afternoon
and enjoyed nice cheese on a fresh baguette. 
We stopped by our favorite market 
and headed to the park.
It's my favorite way to spend 
the day :)

 photo IMG_9167-2_zps73504f82.jpg  photo IMG_9168-2_zps06b7e7d0.jpg  photo IMG_9176-2_zps9c16c3ee.jpg  photo IMG_9179-2_zps11ea3aee.jpg  photo IMG_9180-2_zpscbedf93d.jpg  photo IMG_9178_zpsb7f1e357.jpg  photo IMG_9183-2_zps22dc24e2.jpg  photo IMG_9186-2_zps9f804ee6.jpg
I could do this every day!


Rachel said...

That is amazing! My husband works from home too and I can't wait for us to have babies and enjoy them together like you and your husband do with your son :) Someday!! Bread and cheese is the bessst!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

Marlen said...

You guys are THE cutest family. How awesome the Hubs is finished with work before even noon- i can only imagine how fun your days are :)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Gabrielle Dubois said...

he is such a cutie! x picnics are the best and bestest with bread and cheese!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love these shoots, you have such a good lookin' family here! i enjoy picnics so much, i can't wait to have a little family like yours to share them with!

lindsey louise


Kati said...

Have I ever told you that you guys are the coolest family ever?

Hope you have a fantastic day,

Rachel said...

Kylie you won a giveaway on my blog! Congrats! Email me your address and I'll send you the necklace :D Rachel@forthebirdsblog.net (Rachel - forthebirdsblog.net)

Katie Frank said...

your family is so cute so i just can't <3


cowbiscuits. said...

This is adorable - you are blessed xx

Nebulainbloom said...

Your family is adorable and this is totally my kind of a day!
Glad I stumbled accross your blog. :)

The hunter said...

oeee so cute x

Instant Milk said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Love the photography! I kind of want to eat that cheese too! I am running an awesome giveaway! You could win any item from one of my favorite online boutiques! I wish I could participate haha... Anyway, I thought you'd be interested, so I'm dropping the link here: Instant Milk giveaway
I'm sure you'll love it!

Come by soon!


Brittany LeSueur said...

You seriously have such a stunning family. I would die for a day like this!! You are lucky! And I am feeling inspired to go on a picnic. Lovely!

Yaƫl Ricquier said...

whoawie you have such a beautiful family!
The photos are awesome! Im your newest follower, follow back?


Julita Natalia said...

You're so beautiful and charming! And I love you're tattoos!

Karolina Gespucci said...

<333 amazing family !!
Love this post

Stephanie said...

Aww such nice photos, looks like a perfect day. So glad I stumbled on your blog! I'm expecting my first baby in September and love seeing other happy young families :)

Gabriel Kaefer said...

wow, beautiful family!
adorable pics!

brazilian greetings

Nataly said...

Your hair is pink now (I think I actually saw it on IG) but man, you rock the colored hair! and how sweet! that is so nice that you do have so much quality time. something to cherish :) nice little picnics in the park are perfect! your little man is so cute! those striped shorts!

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