Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Springtime weather is finally here in Indiana!
To celebrate, I made some baby safe paint for Seth.
I bought a white sheet, pinned it down, and let him
go for it with a few paintbrushes.

His Auntie Christen and Uncle Tim got to enjoy
the mess while my husband and I were out searching
for a new car that evening. I'm thankful for family
who doesn't mind getting dirty during playtime :)


Food Coloring
-mix flour & water until desired consistency. 
-add food coloring (I had a lot of fun coming up with 
all the variations of colors using just yellow, blue, red, & green)

This was such an easy activity, and he absolutely
loved it!

Christen and I did a fun DIY herb garden over at AmberZonbie
Her blog is amazing, so go make it a daily read!


cowbiscuits. said...

hehe what a mess! Gorgeous pics xx

Jenny Holiday said...

Oh what a riot!! Too fun!! :) We are just starting to see a bit of Spring here on the NJ Shore. Aaron and I are celebrating our anniversary this Thursday and plan on going into the city (NYC), hoping we have clear skies. Even if it drizzles we'll be sure to have lots of fun. So ready for Spring..not ready for Hot Summer.

Thanks bunches for popping by the blog! :)
XO Jenny

Gem Camille : BLACKBIRD said...

Love this, Love Seth, Love you guys. And miss you a BUNCH

Stephanie said...

this is a brilliant idea!

Vicki said...

this is so fun!! your photos are so cute :) x

lo said...

this is such a fun prpject! i might have to do this with the children i babysit.

Two Happy Hearts said...

We HAVE to do this again this summer. Seth loved it. You've got a little Picasso on your hands, Ky.

emi said...

okay, you are the cutest mom! i love this!!!!
darling blog too

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness... how FUN!
When Mia gets old enough to enjoy this, I am totally doing this with her!
You are the BEST mom! And Seth is just precious :)

Gabrielle Dubois said...

I loove this! Nothing better for the creative mind than being free!

charity victoria said...

aw, these are too precious!

Benlovesting said...

These photos are so sweet and lovely! X

Kati said...
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Kati said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my last post! I always highly appreciate it when you take time to comment!

So cool, must remember this for when I have kiddos!

Have a great day,

Flora Amies said...

Amazing idea, love that you put all the paint in a cake/muffin tray? That would never have occured to me. I'll be borrowing a friend's child next week to babysit, we'll try this out! x

Crissy Candypow said...

That is so adorable! Such a great idea.

Midnight and Dawn said...

Flora, that was my husband's idea! I can't take credit, because I would have never thought of it either haha

David Ole said...

Hey! I just came across your blog and I love it! It's great.

Feel free to check mine too, we can also follow each other if you would like too!


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